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Vapor Monkeys Signature Series E-Liquid


vapor monkeys label

The Vapor Monkeys signature series is a collection of 100% unique and custom e-liquids that you will only find at PEC Vape Shop / Vapor Monkeys. Even though Vapor Monkeys has it's own website it is still created by and shipped by PEC Vape Shop.


At the time of launch the Vapor Monkeys series has 39 awesome flavors and we plan on expanding it to 50 over the next year or so. Creating these flavors takes a lot of time, creativity and of course some money. Most flavors have to be tweaked or completely recreated many times until they are perfected and we even consider releasing them for sale.


As with all PEC Vape Shop e-liquids we only use the finest and purest USP Food Grade ingredients and only what is necessary. We don’t add a bunch of junk that is not needed. After all we all switched to ecigs to get away from all those unnecessary additives!


All Vapor Monkeys e-liquids are packaged in amber glass bottles with glass droppers and cool looking and visually appealing labels. They cost a little more than normal bottles but we feel the benefits are worth it. The amber glass helps keep the nicotine in your e-liquid from breaking down, keeps your flavors crisp and keeps your e-liquid all around fresher. Basically all the same reasons that beer manufacturers use them.


 Vapor Monkeys Flavor List and Descriptions Below


Vapor Monkeys Single Bottles

Size / Flavor Strength : :
Nicotine Strength : :
Liquid Base : :
Flavor : :


Vapor Monkeys Sample Packs

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Nicotine Strength : :
Liquid Base : :
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Vapor Monkeys Flavor List And Descriptions

Flavor Name Flavor Description
bad monkey blend

Bad Monkey Blend – A sweet tobacco flavored e-liquid with a hint of menthol that will play with your taste buds. Tobacco and non tobacco fans alike will go bananas for this awesome blend.

banana cream pie

Banana Cream Pie – Ok now think about what you would expect this to taste like. Now throw in our special ingredient that brings a Banana Cream Pie to the next level. Yeah that is how we do it around here!

banana melody

Banana Melody – Our very own house mixture of various banana flavors topped off with hints and tones of bananas best friend.

bare ass baboon

Bare Ass Baboon – Ok think about a baboon with pants on. Now take those pants off. Now quit thinking about a monkeys ass and start thinking about a awesome blend of fruits that a monkey would enjoy if he lived in the tropics. Yeah that is exactly what this flavor tastes like.

blue banana baluba

Blue Banana Baluba – It is blue, it has banana in it and it is full of baluba! What you never heard of this mysterious Baluba? Then I guess you will just have to order this flavor to find out what it tastes like.

blue monkey melody

Blue Monkey Melody – A melody of sweet and delectable flavors that would cheer up even the bluest of monkeys.

capuchin smoothy

Capuchin Smoothy – An awesome blend of fruit flavors mixed up into one of the most amazing 0 calorie smoothies you wont ever drink.

caramel covered nanas

Caramel Covered Nanas – This is our take on a bowl full of warm caramel glazed bananas topped off with a little treat and a lot of love!

chunky monkey brownie

Chunky Monkey Brownie – Every year the Pygmy monkeys branch of the monkey scouts get together and make their famous brownies for the super summer bake sale. I somehow managed to save one and analyze it. This is what our Flavor Solver 5001 came up with.

cuban chimpanzee

Cuban Chimpanzee – A unique twist on a cigar flavor that only a mammal with opposable thumbs could love. Is this yet another thing we have in common with our primate friends?

curious george

Curious George – First you take some wormwood liqueur then you mix it with a couple juices that are as bright as the summer sun and you get what we call Curious George. Go ahead you know you want to see what it tastes like!

DeBrazzas Waffles

DeBrazzas Waffles - DeBrazzas Waffles is every monkeys favorite breakfast treat. Just the other day I had a slew of spider monkeys over for what turned out to be one wild party. The next day when they all woke up they where suffering from massive hang overs. As any primate lover knows the only thing to feed a pile of grumpy and hungover monkeys is DeBrazzas Waffles!

dusky titi cake

Dusky Titi Cake – Yet another great primate inspired cake that we came up with while monkeying around in the kitchen. However one of those little shits spilled a dash of clove in the batter!

flying monkey punch

Flying Monkey Punch – A sweet and unique punch flavor that is all the buzz among the primates!

funky monkey

Funky Monkey – A very complex blend of fruit flavors with licorice highlights. This flavor seems to change as you vape it and many say they get a sweet flavor on the inhale and taste the licorice on the exhale.

ginger bread monkey

Ginger Bread Monkey – Vapor Monkeys take on that warm doughy cinnamon covered treat that we all love, minus all the messy fingers.

gummi monkey

Gummi Monkey – First I took my two favorite kinds of gummy snacks then I took some made up non existent fruit as well as the leftovers from a monkeys lunch and put it all through my juicer. What came out the other side we like to call Gummi Monkey.

have no fun

Have No Fun - This is the fourth flavor in our series of evil monkey e-liquids. First we took something tart then we took all the evil stuff we could find and threw it into the mix. The result is pretty evil, but in a tasty sort of way. Yes tasty evil :)

hear no evil

Hear No Evil – This is the first flavor in our series of evil monkey e-liquids. First we took something tart then we mixed it with something sweet, then we injected it with a little bit of evil (the fun part). The outcome was this very unique e-liquid flavor.

Mango Banana smoothie

Mango Banana Smoothie – Do you really need a description for Mango Banana Smoothie? It is good and that is all you need to know.

Marmoset Muffins

Marmoset Muffins – Another great recipe that I stole from the Baboon Bakery. Marmoset Muffins are made with every monkeys favorite bread, then we mix in some a little bit of liqueur and well we forgot the rest.

mellow monkey morning

Mellow Monkey Morning – It's 8 AM do you know where your monkey is? Well chances are it is enjoying this great cocktail of juices in an attempt to kick start its day with a little YUM!

Monkey Balls

Monkey Balls – Ok so first off this is not what you are thinking you pervert! Monkey Balls is an old time favorite recipe passed though several generations. Now we are passing it on to you. Not the recipe of course just the Monkey Balls.

monkey bars

Monkey Bars – When you hear Monkey Bars what do you think of? We didnt think about a monkey in jail or a place where primates gather to drink. We thought of what a monkey would eat if they wanted a candy bar. Our Monkey Bars not only taste great they are 0 calories per 240ml bottle!

monkey brains

Monkey Brains – If it was not for this super awesome beverage most monkeys would never even roll out of the tree in the morning.

monkey bread

Monkey Bread – Most all of us have indulged in that warm, gooey, doughy cinnamon filled treat they call Monkey Bread. This is our own version of monkey bread. Warning no monkeys where captured, sedated and then ground up in order to make this flavor.

monkey business

Monkey Business – You know the saying there is no business like monkey business? Well there is no e-liquid out there like it either. This is real Monkey Business and business is good!

monkey cake

Monkey Cake – This delishously flavored e-liquid was inspired by master chef Silverback himself. It is a great tasting cake that most any primate will love. In fact it is so good that we even left out the icing.

monkey glands

Monkey Glands – While doing extensive research on living primates we found that they have the ability to produce their own special flavoring out of something that we can only call the Monkey Gland. This flavor is very unique and from what we can tell they must drink a lot of absinthe.

monkey see monkey chew

Monkey See Monkey Chew – Nothing keeps a chimps mouth busy like this crazy monkey themed bubble gum that you can only find on Vapor Monkeys!

monkey shines

Monkey Shines – Some fruit got together with some other fruit and make a little rays of yummy goodness that will make your taste buds craving more!

monkey vapor

Monkey Vapor – On an expedition to the far east we discovered that a rare tribe of monkeys in the itdosentexista jungle have taken up vaping. We where able to sneak into their camp in the dead of night and snag a partially filled ProTank and this is what was inside. It was confirmed that they really enjoy the taste of absinthe.

palmers monkey

Palmers Monkey – This is Vapor Monkeys very own twist on a summer time favorite which was made famous by a world renowned golfer.

primate pulverizer

Primate Pulverizer (Z28) – If you where ever hanging out at a primate pub then you know that the Primate Pulverizer is the drink of choice when your monkey wants to get crunk!

see no evil

See No Evil - This is the second flavor in our series of evil monkey e-liquids. First we took something tart then we mixed it with something sweet, then we injected it with a little bit of evil (it was still the fun part). The outcome was this very unique eliquid flavor.

snow monkey blossom

Snow Monkey Blossom – It is like having a Siberian snow monkey made a cherry blossom snow ball and throwing it right into your mouth. Ahhh breath taking!

speak no evil

Speak No Evil - This is the third flavor in our series of evil monkey e-liquids. First we took something tart then we mixed it with something sweet, then we injected it with a little bit of evil (this part never stops being fun). The outcome was this very unique eliquid flavor.

super funky monkey

Super Funky Monkey – This is a wild twist on one of our favorite e-liquids in this series. Only this time around we have added more sweet fruitiness as well as more yum!


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