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They Where Fine Before. - 23.5%
These Prices Are Better. - 14.8%
The New Prices Are Awsome! - 14.8%
The New Prices Rock, Going To Start Ordering More E-Liquid! - 29.6%
I would rather have low quality premixed Chinese e-liquid for dirt cheep prices. - 17.3%

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Riva Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Everything that you see listed on this page is compatible with the Riva electronic cigarette. The Riva electronic cigarette is the closest thing we sell to an Ego however the Riva is made of superior materials. The Riva also features a 750mah battery while the Ego only has a 650mah battery.


Not only does the Riva have a little better battery than the Ego, it is also a more well built product. We have sold hundreds of Riva kits and have yet to have any problems with any of them. The vapor that the Riva puts off is the same as the stock 510 electronic cigarette due to the fact that it uses a stock 510 atomizer. This also makes the Riva ecig easy to refill. Evan though the Riva is a stand up electronic cigarette, we still prefer the CRV dual electronic cigarette starter kit over it.

Riva Dual Ecig Starter Kit

Joye 510-T Atomizer 510-T Tank Cartridges
joye 510 electronic cigarette atomizers joye 510 mega electronic cigarette atomizers joye 510 electronic cigarette cartridges
joye 510 mega electronic cigarette cartridges joye 510 electronic cigarette cartomizers 510 stock atomizer tank cartridges
510 3.5ml clearomizers 510 6ml dual coil clearomizers 510 6ml dct tank (dual coil tank)
510 / 901 electronic cigarette drip tips    

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