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How Do You Like Our New E-Liquid Prices?

They Where Fine Before. - 23.5%
These Prices Are Better. - 14.8%
The New Prices Are Awsome! - 14.8%
The New Prices Rock, Going To Start Ordering More E-Liquid! - 29.6%
I would rather have low quality premixed Chinese e-liquid for dirt cheep prices. - 17.3%

Total votes: 162
The voting for this poll has ended on: 07 Jun 2013 - 00:00
User Rating:  / 105

Buy Gourmet E-Liquid / E-Juice

Our Gourmet E-Liquid Is Made In The USA And Hand Mixed The Day It Is Shipped!

Our gourmet e-liquid / e-juice is hand mixed in house by professionals with over 3 years of experience, so you will always get a huge amount of flavor and vapor no matter what strength you order. Most companies buy their e-liquid pre flavored and simply cut it down to the strength you desire. In the process they are also cutting down the flavoring leaving you will an all around poorly flavored e-liquid.

On the other hand we start all of our gourmet e-liquids off with unflavored e-liquid and cut it down to the strength you desire. Afterward we add the flavor or flavors you want so no matter if you want 0mg or 36mg you will always have a great tasting e-liquid. Every time! Best of all it is easy to refill most any electronic cigarette with out gourmet e-liquid :)

We currently offer over 300 different quality flavors of gourmet e-liquid to choose from in either a vg/pg or vg only base (for those of you with pg allergies). If you want you can always mix and match to make your own custom e-liquid. Simply add a specific note to the end of your order letting me know what you would like.

The (L), (FW), (BF) and (FF) stand for different kinds of gourmet e-liquid flavorings we use. L, FW and FF do not stand for Low, Full Flavor, Big Foot or Fuzzy Walnut. L is more of a candy flavor while FF is more of a natural flavoring.

Try Our Newly Added Line Of Flavors! Boysenberry (FW), Honey Suckle (FW), Natural Coffee (FW), Nutmeg (FW), Root Beer Float (FW), Toffee (FW), Goji Berry (FW), Nutella (FW), CoConut Cream Pie (FW), Almond Amaretto (FW), Butter Cream (FW), Absinthe (FW), Wine Blush, Chablis (FW), Cucumber Mint (FW), Cookies And Cream (FW), Jungle Juice (FW), Whipped Cream (FW), Tres Leches (FW), Pink Champagne (FW),Dulce De Leche (FW), Snickers (FW), Red White And Blue (FW), Madigascar Vanilla (FW), Banana Foster (FW), Bourbon Vanilla (FF), Mexican Vanilla (FF), Blu-Bacco (FW), Sweet Tarts (FW), Papaya (FW), Jack Fruit (FW), Strawberry Banana (L), Dill Pickle (PA), Yam (PA), Jalopeno (PA), Popcorn (PA), Salt Water Taffy (FW), Banana Nut Bread (FW), Brown Sugar (FW), and Clove (FF)

Some flavorings are PG based. So depending on the flavoring you choose VG only may still have small amounts of PG. L, and FW are PG based flavoring, most of the others are water based.

Warning: We now have an option for double strength flavoring. If you are looking for a more tasty eliquid please choose the double strength option. We will no longer look for double flavoring requests in the special order notes. The small price increase is minimal considering the amount of flavoring that we use.

Buy E-liquid By The Bottle

Size / Flavor Strength :
Nicotine Strength :
Liquid Base :
Flavoring :

Buy E-Liquid Sample Packs

This is where you can buy sample packs of our various flavored e-liquids. Our sample packs come in a variety of sizes to choose from (6ml, 10ml or 15ml).

To order one of our gourmet e-liquid sample packs simply begin by choosing the size, the strength and then type in the six flavors you would like to order. You can mix and match flavors if you would like. If you would like a specific flavor to be a different strength than stated in the strength field simply let us know in the choice field.

Sample Pack Size :
Nicotine Strength :
Choice #1 :
Choice #2 :
Choice #3 :
Choice #4 :
Choice #5 :
Choice #6 :
Alternate Choice :
Liquid Base :

Complete PEC Smoke Shop Flavoring List
(Please Check Drop Down List Above For Availability)


Tobacco Flavors

Candy And Sweets

Fruit Flavors

Drink Flavors

American Tobacco (FW) Banana Foster (NF) Acai Berry (FW) Absinthe (FW)
Ankana Tobacco (FW) Banana Foster (FW)

Apple (L)

Amaretto (L)

Blu-Bacco (FW) Banana Nut Bread (FW) Apple Cinnamon (BF) Amaretto (FW)
Cherry Balsam Tobacco (FW) Banana Nut Bread (NF) Apple Cherry (BF)

Anise (L)

Chocolate Tobacco (FW) Banana Split (FW)

Apricot (L)

Big Red Soda (FW)

Clove (L)

Bavarian Cream (L)

Apricot (FW) Birch Beer (FF)
Clove (FW) Bavarian Cream (FW)

Banana (FF)

Black Tea (PA)
Clove (FF) Bittersweet Chocolate(PA) Banana (FW) Bourbon (FF)

Commercial Tobacco

Black Licorice (FW)

Banana Cream (L)

Bourbon (FW)

Cognac Tobacco

Blueberry Cheesecake (NF) Bergamot (FF)

Brandy (L)

Coumarin Pipe (FW) Blue Raspberry (FF)

Berry Blend (FF)

Butter Rum (L)

Captain Black

Brown Sugar (FW)

Blackberry (L)

Cafe Coffee (FW)
Havana (FW)

Bubble Gum (L)

Black Cherry (FF)

Caramel Cappuccino (PA)
Honey Wood (FW) Bubble Gum (FW) Black Cherry (FW) Chai (NF)

Honey Tobacco

Butter Cream (FW) Black Currant (FF) Chai Tea (PA)
English Tobacco

Butter Pecan (L)

Black Currant (FW)

Champagne (L)

Latakia Tobacco (FW)

Butter Scotch (FF)

Black Raspberry (NF) Cherry Cola (NF)
Maple Rum Tobacco (FW)

Butter Scotch (L)

Black Raspberry (FF) Chocolate Malt (NF)
Oriental Tobacco (FW) Butter Scotch (FW)

Blueberry (L)

Cola (L)
Peach Tobacco (FW) Cake Yellow (FW)

Blueberry (FF)

Cola (FF)

Rose Tobacco (FW) Candy Cane (FW) Boysenberry (FW) Cola (FW)
Rum Tobacco (FW)

Caramel (FF)

Cantaloupe (PA)

Coffee (L)

RY4 (PA)

Caramel (L)

Cherry (L)

Coffee (FF)
Double RY4 (PA) Caramel Candy (FW) Citrus Blossom (L) Coffee (FW)
Stagleaf Tobacco (FW) Carmel Corn (NF)

Coconut (L)

Cognac (L)
Tidewater Tobacco (FW) Carrot Cake (NF) Coconut (FW)

Cream De Menthe (L)

Tobacco (FW)

Cheesecake (L)

Cookies And Cream (FW) Creme De Menthe (FW)

Vanilla Tobacco (FW)

Cheesecake Gram Crust (PA)

Crab Apple (FF)

Cream Soda (FF)

Virginia Fire Cured (FW) Cherry Mint (BF)

Cranberry (L)

Cream Soda (FW)

Chocolate (L)

Cranberry (FW)

Crème De Cafe (FF)

Other Flavors

Chocolate Almond (BF)

Cran Raspberry (L)

Dr. Pepper (FW)
AllSpice (FF) Chocolate Cheesecake (NF) Double Apple(FW) Earl Grey Tea (PA)
Bacon (FW) Chocolate Cherry (BF) Dragon Fruit (FW) Ecto Cooler (FW)
Bourbon Vanilla (FW) Chocolate Fudge (NF) Elderberry (FF)

Egg Nog (L)

Butter (L)

Chocolate Hazelnut (L)

Fig (FW) Fruit Punch (FF)
Buttered Popcorn (FW) Chocolate Mint (FW) Goji Berry (FW) Galliano (FF)
Capsicum (FW) Cinnamon Danish (PA)

Grape (L)

Ginger Ale (FW)
Chrysanthemum (PA) Cinnamon Red Hot (FW) Grape (FW) Hawaiian Punch (FW)

Cinnamon (L)

Coconut Cream Pie (FW) Grape (FF) Irish Cream (NF)
Cinnamon (FW) Cookie Dough (NF)

Grapefruit (L)

Irish Cream (FW)
Cinnamon Hot Tamale(FW)

Cotton Candy (L)

Green Apple (NF) Jungle Juice (FW)
Cinnamon Churro (FW) Cotton Candy (FW) Green Apple (FW) Kahlua (BF)

Cinnamon Roll (L)

Dark Chocolate (SM) Green Apple (PA)

Keoke Coffee (L)

Cinnamon Roll (FW) Dark Chocolate (FW)

Guava (L)

Lemonade (L)

Cucumber Mint (FW) Double Chocolate Dark (PA) Guava (FW) Lemonade (FW)
Dill Pickle (PA) Double Dutch Twister (FW) Hibiscus (FF) Lychee (NF)

French Vanilla (FF)

Dulce De Leche (FW)

Huckleberry (FF)

Malt (FF)
French Vanilla (FW) Dutch Chocolate (FW) Jack Fruit (FW) Margarita(FW)
Ginger (FF)

English Toffee (L)

Lemon (L)

Mocha (PA)
Ginger (FW) Fruit Stripe Gum (FW)

Lemon (FF)

Mojito (FW)

Horchata (L)

Fudge Brownie (FW)

Lemon-Lime (FF)

Monster (FW)
Hot Chili (L) Gingerbread (FW) Lime (L) Mt Dew (FW)
Jalapeno (PA) Gram Cracker (FW) Lime (FF)

Natural Coffee (FF)

Lemongrass (FF) Gummi Bear (FW) Loganberry (FF) Natural Coffee (FW)
Madigascar Vanilla (FW)

Honey (L)

Mandarin Orange (FF) Orange Cognac (FF)
Mexican Vanilla (FW) Honey (FW)

Mango (L)

Pina Colada (FF)
Molasses (FF) Honey Suckle (FW) Mango (FF)

Pina Colada (L)

Oregano (FW) Juicy Fruit (FW) Maraschino Cherry (FW) Pina Colada (FW)
Pie Spice (FF)

Key Lime (L)

Marionberry (FF) Pink Champagne (FW)
Popcorn (PA) Lemon Meringue (NF) Melon (L) Red Bull (FW)
Pumpkin Spice (FW)

Licorice (L)

Orange (L)

Rockstar (FW)

Rose (FF)

Marshmallow (L)

Orange (FF)

Root Beer (L)

Rum Raisin (BF)

Mint Chocolate Chip (L)

Orange Blossom (FW) Root Beer (FW)

Sassafras (L)

Nutella (FW)

Orange Cream (L)

Root Beer Float (FW)
Sweet Cream (FW) Orange Dream Bar (FW) Papaya (NF)

Rum (FF)

Tiramisu (PA)

Peanut Butter (L)

Papaya (FW) Rum (FW)

Vanilla (FF)

Peanut Butter (FF) Passion Fruit (FW)

Rum Cream (L)

Vanilla Butternut (L)

Pecan Praline (NF)

Peach (L)

Sherry (BF)

Vanilla Slurry (FF)

Red Licorice (L)

Peach (FF) Sherry (FF)
Waffle (PA) Rocky Road (FW) Pear (L)

Tea Berry (L)

Yam (PA)

Salt Water Taffy (L)

Pear (FF)

  Salt Water Taffy (FW)

Pineapple (L)

Tropical Punch (L)

Nutty Flavors

Snickers (FW) Pineapple (FW) Wine Merlot (FW)
Almond Amaretto (FW) Sugar Cookie (FW)

Plum (L)

Wine Blush Chablis (FW)

Black Walnut

Swedish Fish (FW) Prickly Pear (FW) Whiskey (FW)
Cashew (NF) Sweet Tarts (FW) Prune (L)  

Hazelnut (FF)

Tres Leches (FW) Pomegranate (L)

Fruit Flavors Continued

Hazelnut (FW)

Tutti Fruiti (L)

Pomegranate (FF)

Clear Strawberry (FF)
Macadamia Nut (FW) Toffee (FW)

Pumpkin (L)

Strawberry Banana (FF)

Macadamia Nut (FF)

Vanilla Cupcake (FW)

Raspberry (L)

Strawberry Banana (L)
Nutmeg (FW) Vanilla Custard (FW)

Clear Raspberry (FF)

Star Fruit (FW)

Pecan (L)

Whipped Cream (FW) Raspberry (FW)

Strawberry Kiwi (L)

Pecan Praline (FW) White Chocolate (PA) Red Apple (FW) Tangerine (FF)

Pistachio (L)

White Chocolate (FW) Red White And Blue (FW)

Tangerine (L)

Pistachio (FW)   Rhubarb (NF) Tangerine (FW)

Praline (L)

Mints And Menthol

Ruby Red Grapefruit (FW)

Watermelon (L)

Praline & Cream (SM)

Double Mint (FF)

Strawberry (L) Watermelon (FW)
Raisin (BF) Double Mint Gum (FW)   Wild Cherry (FW)
  Extreme Ice (FW)    

Menthol Crystals (PG)


Peppermint (L)


Pure Spearmint (FF)


Spearmint (L)


Wintergreen (L)


Wintergreen (FF)

  Wintergreen (FW)    

* All e-liquid names are simply the names of the flavorings that we use. In no way does Perfect Electronic Cigarette claim to own any brand names and they are the property of their respective companies.

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